At Submarine, we shape your ideas to life.

Through digital media,
we help clients enable their voice through audio production.

Our three approaches in realizing client's communication strategy.

Our three approaches in realizing client's communication strategy.


手をつけられない.本業が忙しすぎて人手が足らず、やりたいことはあるものの手をつけられていない…。 忙しくて
手をつけられない.本業が忙しすぎて人手が足らず、やりたいことはあるものの手をつけられていない…。 何から
着手したら?構想はあるものの、どこから着手したら良いのかわからずアイデアが眠ったまま…。 何から
着手したら?構想はあるものの、どこから着手したら良いのかわからずアイデアが眠ったまま…。 相談できる
パートナーが欲しい.構想から実現化まで一貫して相談できるパートナー、どうやって探せば良いのか…? 相談できる

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submarine service podcastAudio Content Production

At PROPO.FM, we support delivering vital voice content through audio.
Our service support everything from the concepting, program planning, turning the plan into a script, recording, editing, and publishing. We also connect program creators and sponsors, and support monetization and PR for the creators and sponsors.

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Crowd funding paltform "Motion Gallery"

Podcasting Use Cases by PROPO.FM

submarine service

Submarine creative

We provide a wide range of creative services, from planning to operation for various types of production required in areas other than audio content.

  • Planning and Design
    We will listen to the concept and outline of your plan, and carefully direct the plan into reality from the UX/UI perspective. You can leave the entire production management to us with peace of mind.
    • Defining the requirements
    • Producing the framework
    • Managing the production
  • Design
    We provide a complete set of web-related production services, from design to actual publication. We can also handle a variety of creative production such as banners, illustrations, and print production.
    • Website development
    • Print media
    • Creative media production
  • Content creation
    Not only do we produce audio content, but we also produce articles and videos. We will conduct interviews and filming, and produce the whole process from manuscript, video, and still images.
    • Interviews
    • Manuscript
    • Filming and video production
  • Operation
    We can take care of the entire operation of your website on an ongoing basis. Based on competitive research and other factors, we will focus on the keywords you want to strengthen, and manage the content for optimal SEO.
    • Article Creation
    • Website Management
    • SNS Management
submarine service

Submarine digital

We support businesses launch their service, starting from conceptual stage and contribute to the operation and improvement of the service through repeated improvements.

  • Small to medium scale product development
    We develop web services and web applications, focusing on medium and small-scale web service development immediately after the planning and conceptualization phase. As the scale of the project increases, we also support the use of offshore development.
    • Web Service Development
    • Offshore Dev & Project Management
  • Big Data & Analytics Services
    In order to utilize the data accumulated through digital marketing and business operations for marketing, business operations, and management understanding, we support visualization through organizing the infrastructure for data extraction, conversion, and storage, isolating measures and management indicators, KPI design, and dashboard creation.
    • Measures and Results
      Metrics and KPI design
    • Marketing Data
      Data Foundation & Management
    • Customer data
      Data management infrastructure
    • Data Visualization
      Performance Dashboards
  • Digital Marketing Services
    We support the development of operational processes necessary for marketing implementation, from tool implementation to content planning, as well as operational and business process design and offshore utilization.
    • Web content and
      Email planning, production and operation
    • Digital marketing tool implementation
    • Marketing
      Business Process Design
    • Offshore Resource

Team Members

  • CEO Hiroto Soshizaki
    member illust

    After working for a trading company, he joined Accenture. In 2018, Hiroto founded Submarine, LLC a joint venture that produces audio programs to explore the possibilities of relationships that can be built through the imagination of people using the "voice" as a medium.

  • CTO Junichi Takahashi
    member illust

    At a major technology company, he was involved in the development of many IT products, the launch of in-house services, and team management. Since then, he has been active in various industries, mainly in the areas of business development and technical consulting.

  • Chief Designer Fukiko Yamada(Fukiko Tomikawa)
    member illust

    After working in sales and at a prefectural government office, Fukikok was employed as a web designer at Sinap Inc. Outside of Submarine, she works independently as a freelance web director and UI/UX designer.


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Submarine LLC
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Washington Building 2F, 3-2-9, Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku, Tokyo, 160-8336, Japan