BtoB Lead Generation – Japan Marketing Agency Service

BtoB Lead Generation – Japan Marketing Agency Service

Submarine’s BtoB lead generation service provides a series of marketing operations support, from planning to implementation of measures to establish lead acquisition channels necessary to attract and expand BtoB business.

Why choose our service

  • Your lead generation campaigns aren’t generating the quality leads your business needs
  • You want to establish an organic inbound marketing lead acquisition channel via online that does not rely on traditionally large sales team.
  • You have a niche products and a category with small search volume, but want to acquire leads at a low advertising budget.

Ideal for those —

  • Who is struggling with content marketing that is not generating the quality lead to business’s expectations.
  • Who want a strategy digital marketing for BtoB lead generation.
  • Who feels they have hit the ceiling in their SEO strategy for organic inbound maketing efforts.

Submarine uses the methods we have developed through our own BtoB marketing services to help companies establish new lead acquisition channels. We contribute to the development of marketing foundation for companies seeking to establish new lead generation capabilities.

Why work with Submarine



We have experience and processes cultivated from the marketing challenges faced in acquiring leads for our niche BotB business.


Targeting process

Digital marketing with our unique process to identify keywords for your target market and content to reach promising targets for your business.


Content strategy

We the process to determining the content themes and number of contents to target the market, and reach your target audience.



SEO process to attract organic inbound traffic through search engines without over-pursuing the number of contents.


Our approach

Deploy data-driven marketing process

Submarine’s B2B lead generation service focuses on market trends and the quality of content based on our insights and decisions made from quantitative data analysis.

Content marketing to reach your target audience

We implement content marketing that will not be swayed by search volume. We will implement SEO for visitors who are more likely to convert.

Lead funnel with increased prospect engagement

We guide visitors with high probability to convert and turn into business opportunities for your business.

Deep understanding of your market and strengths

Concrete qualitative discussions and decisions that clarify the points of differentiation from competing businesses, which are then reflected in site design and content creation.

Our process



Based on our discussion with you during the discovery process, we will determine the strategy to properly reach the target market.



Discuss and decide on the target keywords to be tackled for the selected market in the next 2-3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. While carrying out a thorough review of the target keywords, clarify the priority axis of countermeasures for the business.



Reflect the overall picture and title of the content to be produced in the website sitemap design, and determine a production schedule for the content.



Generate content strategy and plans for downloadable content that appeals to the ideal customer profile.



Design table of contents and draft articles, and generate lead magnet content download.



Create and publish web content. Implement measures necessary to strengthen the ability to attract customers (e.g., rewrite and enhance pages that have already been published based on data analysis).



Review the content for the web site that need to be revised while monitoring the performance around the CTAs and conversion points.



Follow up leads and enhance content on the website based on the feedback and insights acquired through the communication with the prospects.



Develop and improve follow-up processes for users downloading materials, including the development of marketing automation and CRM.

Main services we offer

Research for promising keywords to reach the target profile

We support our clients in finding search keywords (groups) that will lead to the acquisition of leads with high probability for their business. Based on a bird’s-eye view of the overall search market related to your business and data analysis of your competitors’ web sites and customer traffic, we suggest search keywords and topology that you should place the highest priority on.

Understanding the target market and competitive environment

We conduct data analysis to deepen our understanding of the market environment surrounding your business in the search and the trends of your competitors’ web sites. We help you define the uniqueness and strengths of your products and services. Clarification of your market position will lead to more precise marketing strategies.

Arrange highly promising content themes

We identify customer needs in the search, and carefully select a list of promising content themes for your business that are not affected by the number of searches, i.e., content themes with a high probability of generating leads.

Estimate the minimum number of contents required without pursuing quantity of content to produce.

We recommend estimating the number of contents to be produced, giving priority to themes that match customer needs. We propose the minimum number of contents necessary to maximize the effect of lead acquisition. By utilizing the new content as an asset to be leveraged over long term, we can expect to reduce advertising costs over time.

Site structure design that meets needs with carefully selected themes.

When multiple pages are to be released, content placement and site navigation leads need to be designed along with existing and new sites. After publishing the contents, we design the directory structure including the parent-child relationship of the pages and the internal link relationship.

Content production enhanced by data analysis.

In our content production, we use our own data analysis methods to enhance the quality of the content of the web page. We deliver release drafts using a production process based on content enrichment and structure design that accurately and comprehensively satisfies site visitors’ objectives and information needs.

Content rewrite = content enhancement after release

We will conduct at least two content rewrites over a two-month period after the page is released. We will brush up the content by repeatedly analyzing data on the page content, taking into account trends in competitor sites, search engine indexing, etc., while measuring the quality of the content, further enhancing the content, and reviewing the structure. By repeating content updates, rather than just releasing a single page, we can raise expectations for securing a stable lead generation efforts.

Planning, table of contents design, and creation of lead magnets

As a touchpoint to convert site visitors into leads, we plan downloadable materials related to the services as micro-conversions. We support the planning, table of contents design, and creation of materials that accurately respond to the information needs of target customers, and can increase site visitors’ interest in your products and services, gain their trust, and raise their level of interest in your company.

Web analytics and optimizing the web page

We analyze your website traffic to identify trends and patterns in visitor behavior. Based on this data, we propose improvements to each page of your website, and provide support for implementation. By making steady improvements over the medium to long term, such as analysis, problem detection, and improvement, we can expect to increase the value of visitors’ time on your site, and improve the likelihood of them downloading materials and contacting you.

Service Plans and Pricing

Strategic Research Plan

We can find promising search opportunities, research keywords, and estimate page count.

Starting $2,000 per month

Recommended for those who:

  • Your want to select keywords that have a high intent, but being queries in a small number of searches.
  • You want to get a rough estimate of the web development or content creation cost and schedule necessary for countermeasures.

We recommend this service to those who want to proceed with BtoB lead generation, but are concerned about SEO measures that was put in place that pursue the number of searches without a clear target, and content production that makes it difficult to predict the outcome.

Web Page Creation Plan

We will draft web pages for you, from planning to rewriting content after release, with targeted keywords

Starting $3,000 3 months min engagement

Recommended for those who:

  • Who have researched and selected keywords, but have not yet secured the resources to create the content.
  • Who want to analyze data on the quality of content that will lead to SEO strategies and ad quality scores.

This service is for those who have already research the keywords, but whose resources for copy writing are limited, and who have difficulty securing time for writing. We will support you with data analysis, planning, table of contents design, content preparation, and text editing, eliminating any doubts about the process for your content marketing efforts.

Consultation by Hours

We support your in-house marketers on an hourly basis to drive your lead generation campaigns.

Starting from $3,500 for 50 hours per month

Recommended for those who:

  • Who are looking beyond research and copy writing support, and would like to request web design and creative production work.
  • You are considering small-scale digital advertising campaign for lead generation, but are not in the phase to work with a an advertising agency.

This service is recommended for those who have completed drafting the contents, but have not had the time to set up the web and CMS to release the content, post-release analysis, modify the web design according to your requirements, create downloadable materials and marketing follow-up e-mails, and other detailed marketing tasks.

Steps to get started

  • download


    Company Brochure

    Please download our company brochure here to learn more about Submarine and how we can help you consider applying for our services. We hope you will find it useful in gathering information before contacting us.
  • contact



    If you would like to discuss details, or if you would like to know more about our services, or if you would like to know more about the cost, please contact Submarine using this form. We will respond to your as soon as possible.
  • meeting


    Discovery Call

    We will hold an online meeting to hear and discuss your needs. While discussing your business needs, we will provide a plan, proposal, and estimate that we can present to you.
  • proporsal



    We will prepare and send you a quote after our discovery call. Upon request, we are also available for meetings to explain the contents of the proposal.
  • agreement


    Finalize Contract

    If you wish to move forward, we will complete the non-disclosure agreement, and contract. Once the contracts are signed, we will hold a kick-off meeting for production.
  • start


    Project Kick-Off

    After the kick-off meeting, we will create a roadmap for implementing the support, adjust the schedule, and begin production. The timeline and milestones will vary depending on the service provided, but we will provide regular updates on the project’s progress. You can rest assured that you will receive the support you need, even if this is your first time working with us.

Case Study


Our business

Services Provided: B2B Lead Generation Support, SEO Writing Support

Through our podcast production business, “PROPO.FM”, we aimed to generate leads by optimizing the search keyword “podcast production company”. We successfully achieved the number one spot in the search results, which led to a tenfold increase in brochure downloads and business discussions.


QWhy does Submarine offer BtoB lead generation support services?

Submarine has been emphasizing efforts to attract organic inbound leads through search engines in our own business. Submarine offers this service because we want to support our clients’ efforts based on our own experience.

QHow is the target value for BotB lead generation calculated?

Submarine assumes that there are three phases in the process of acquiring leads: the customer acquisition phase, the document download phase, and the business meeting phase. Submarine’s project initially calculates the estimated number of material downloads and business negotiations based on the target search market and the selection of priority keywords to be addressed. The estimate will be calculated including the transition of the target value that varies according to the time axis from the start of the countermeasure and the change in the situation of attracting customers.

QHow soon can I see results from working you?

It varies due to many variables. We’ve seen results as soon as in the first week we launch a new lead generation campaign with minimal content adjustments. On the other hand, when we build content from scratch and do research upfront, it could take a few months until we start seeing meaningful results for organic inbound marketing. BtoB inbound marketing for lead generation is a long term process, that we’ll work together to improve over time.

QDo you guarantee certain number of leads?

We do not guarantee lead volume. Every company has different customer profile, marketing budget, business goals, and cost performance targets. We’ll work with you to build inbound marketing strategy that works with your business goal.

QHow is this different from your SEO copy writing services?

The core know-how between SEO copy writing services and this BtoB lead generation service is common. However, the BotB lead acquisition service requires information organization necessary for business decisions from a bird’s eye viewpoint, such as target selection, budget and cost-effectiveness estimation, etc., rather than measures for individual articles. We recommend our BotB lead acquisition service to clients who require support from the planning phase of BtoB lead acquisition.

QHow long does it take to draft one article?

We will draft and deliver the copy within approximately 3-4 weeks from the completion of keyword research. We will spend about 1-2 weeks designing the headlines and table of contents, and then another 1-2 weeks writing and enriching the content based on data analysis. If there are multiple articles to be produced, we will proceed with the drafting content simultaneously according to the number of articles to be produced, and deliver it within the project period.

QDoes the content creation include the creation of photographs and illustrations?

This BtoB lead generation service specializes in the preparation of text based content. If you need assistance with photos, illustrations, etc., please contact us.

QHow long does it take to prepare downloadable materials?

Once the overall theme of the article has been determined, we will deliver a draft of up to 10 pages of downloadable materials (presentation materials) in approximately 3-4 weeks. As with the article draft, we will spend 1-2 weeks designing the headline and table of contents, followed by another 1-2 weeks writing and enhancing the content. Photographs and illustrations to be included in the downloadable materials will be provided by the client. If you need assistance with the preparation of photographs and illustrations, please contact us.

QWhat is the onboarding process like?

Typically, in the first month, we’ll have a kick-off meeting, strategy meeting, review your existing content, perform necessary research that pertains to the service we contracted with. On the second month, depending on the service we contracted with you, we’ll start localizing the content, writing articles, syndicating content to start acquiring leads. Occasionally, we’ll check-in on the lead quality, review how the lead nurturing is going, adjust the content according to the lead gen performance.

QWho on my team needs to be involved?

At least on main contact who is involved in marketing for Japan market. If you don’t have a team member in Japan, we’ll work with the person in charge preferable in Japan time zone.

QWhat tools do I need to have?

Although Submarine uses certain tools for BtoB lead acquisition, we do not charge customers for the use of these tools except for this BtoB lead acquisition service plan.

QCan I apply for this service to bring the BtoB lead generation process in-house?

Submarine believes that some processes should be in-house at your organization. Please make use of this service to bring the BtoB lead generation process in-house.

QWhat is the monthly minimum client cost?

Please see the Services and Plan section.

QDo you (Submarine) provide digital paid advertising service?

We don’t offer paid social or paid search campaign management. We focus on consulting to build client’s inbound marketing strategy, and execute content marketing by helping clients get more leads organically. We offer media buying with our content syndication partners using your content.

QDo you qualify the leads for us?

We do not qualify the leads. We’ll diligently work with you, get feedback, and adjust the strategy to make sure qualified lead volume and rate improve.

QDo you work with clients in English or Japanese?

We prefer working in Japanese in order to align from local standards close to the market we’re executing the project. However, we can work with English and deploy in Japanese, not a problem.

QWhat do we need to provide?

Successful inbound marketing to drive leads has high dependencies on the content you have. We’d like to review your existing content ranging from ebooks, white papers, website or blog, and email. If you don’t have the content in Japanese, we’ll work with you to localize it and work towards a successful inbound marketing strategy that generates leads.