Japan SEO Copy Writing Service

Japan SEO Copy Writing Service

We provide comprehensive SEO services to help you increase traffic to your website through search engines. We target promising search keywords for your business, and we use our expertise in keyword selection, page layout design, writing, and post-release rewrites to create web page copy that will help you rank higher in search results. Our goal is to help you achieve your online marketing goals.

Why choose our service

  • You need to create SEO copy with clear quantitative and qualitative standards.
  • You want to outsource the copy writing process and focus my internal resources on marketing strategies.
  • You want to avoid excessive reliance on outsource, and retain SEO expertise in house.

Ideal for those —

  • Are not seeing an improvement in website traffic from search engines and are struggling to increase the number of high-quality leads and website visitors.
  • Understand the challenges of their website and page structure, but are unsure how to improve them.
  • Are creating or redesigning their website and want to review their page structure for effectiveness.
  • Do not know how to identify the search terms that they should be targeting.
  • Are looking for a partner to help them with their owned media operations.
  • Are looking for an SEO writing agency with marketing expertise.

To attract high-quality leads and visitors who are likely to purchase, it is important to increase the number of visitors to your website through search engines. At Submarine, we support keyword research and page copywriting that will consistently attract qualified leads your target landing pages.

Why work with Submarine



Submarine has a wealth of experience and a proven process in SEO for B2B services.



Submarine uses quantitative metrics and data analysis to ensure that published articles are comprehensive and informative.



Submarine helps you produce the minimum number of articles necessary, rather than recommending excessive number of pages to write and launch.


Our approach

SEO Consulting where search volume is not the goal

Submarine does not believe that you should necessarily target keywords with high search volume. We first listen to the client’s business challenges and target audience, then assess the status of competitor sites and the benefits to be gained from the targeted keywords, and select “meaningful” keywords that match the client’s objectives from a marketing perspective.

Analyze pre-release content and existing pages

Submarine’s SEO approach encourages content enrichment before design. We use enterprise grade tools to analyze all the content of your articles to determine whether they meet the interests and search intent of your users. We design a unique page structure and amount of information that clearly differentiates your site from your competitors’ sites, while ensuring that the content performance is supported by data.

Consistent writing for content enrichment based on analytics

In order to accurately provide the information desires of search users, we comprehensively understand the information contained in the content based on data. We create articles of reproducible quality that do not depend solely on the writing skills of the writer. We write articles with an appropriate sentence structure that does not burden the reader while accurately incorporating each piece of content that should be included on the page.

Continuous assessment of page content, and repeated after publication

After a web page is published, we review the draft two or three times at 2 to 3-week intervals. Using a tool, we compare the content of the information with that of competitors’ sites. We improve the quality of the content by adjusting excesses and deficiencies in the content, reviewing and rewriting the page structure and title, and other measures that are emphasized for each search keyword.

Our process



Kick-off meeting : Organize business issues and target keywords, and set more specific and narrowly-numbered targets. Even if there are multiple markets to be addressed, we carefully prioritize and select targets in order to achieve results with two or three keywords first.



We conduct research on the top sites for the keywords we have determined and design a headline structure based on the information needs of users. Before writing the text, we discuss with the client to reach a consensus on the page structure. We also discuss with the client the guidelines for the number of words, style, and other requirements.



We write, proofread, and revise the article according to the agreed page outlines. Before publishing the content live, the drafted content is subjected to data analysis to quantitatively determine whether the content meets certain standards. If we determine that additional content should be added, we will review the content by consulting with the editor to ensure that there are no contextual issues. When a certain level of content has been achieved, we will publish the page before it is made public.



Brush up after the page is published: After the page is published, we will review the draft multiple times at 2-3 week intervals. User needs and the information that search engines value are constantly evolving. To maintain a high level of content that exceeds that of competing sites, we will add information that is included in the top-ranked websites and information that is likely to be valued in the future.

Main services we offer

Drafting and copy writing based on data analysis

In addition to basic writing, proofreading (visually and with tools to check and correct typos and omissions), and editing, we also use analysis tools to measure the richness of the content of article drafts. We compare the level of content with that of top competitor sites, identify missing information, and create articles that accurately respond to the user’s search intent and apparent and latent information needs.

Table of contents and outlines design based on data analysis

We design the title, headline tagline, and order of the content to accurately incorporate the important content identified by the analysis tool. We will pre-process the writing process to ensure both readability and richness of the drafted content.

Data analysis to enhance and scale your content

Data analysis is conducted multiple times during the writing process. We work steadily and thoroughly to improve the content from the perspectives of whether there are any omissions of content or collocations from the top sites, and whether the manuscript contains original content to avoid excessive similarity.

Post-release data analysis and article brush-up.

Even after the content is delivered and the Web page is released, we continue to enhance the content. We will brush up pages by adding information that was not available at the time of article release, or by adding information based on competitor websites and market trends.

What we offer as an option

Rewriting and audit existing pages

For clients who only want to brush up existing pages, we will assess the published Web URLs and content briefs, conduct a content analysis, and present a proposal for adding and revising the content.

Keyword research and markets to be addressed

In many cases, there are promising search terms that should be addressed in addition to the keywords already recognized by the client. We support the selection of promising markets by understanding the keywords that competing sites are using and discovering new keyword groups that are analogous to the keywords.

Audit the number of articles that need to be produced to achieve client’s goal

No matter how much your budget is, it will not be enough if you keep writing articles for every keyword that has a high search volume. Submarine supports the identification of promising search keywords in which you can show your strength and differentiate in the target market, and estimates the number of articles needed to address those keywords.

Design the optimal site structure for the target market

There are two main ways to approach SEO. The first way is to create a single article that is optimized for a specific keyword or phrase. The second way is to release multiple articles that are optimized for different keywords or phrases.

Estimation of market share and growth in the countermeasure market

The goal of SEO is not simply to obtain rankings for targeted search terms. It is to increase your share of total traffic to a certain level for the most promising keywords. Submarine can help you establish your SEO investment criteria by estimating the current market share and growth potential of your SEO project.

Service Plans and Pricing

Lite Plan

Article drafts for predetermined keywords + post-release rewrites

From 200,000 yen per article

Recommended for those who:

  • You already have a clear idea of the keywords you want to use, and have prepared a draft of the title and headline.
  • You have a clear idea of what you want to write about, but you want to make sure that the content is not too much or too little from an SEO perspective.
  • You do not have the human resources to mass-produce high-quality articles, so you would like to outsource some of the writing.

If you have an idea of what you want to write about and have already drafted the article, but are concerned about the process of making it SEO-optimized, this is the service for you.

For companies that find it difficult to consistently publish articles and improve the quality of their articles with only their in-house team and staff.

Pro Plan

Selection of keywords + 1 article draft and rewrite

From 300,000 yen per article

Recommended for those who:

  • You know the keywords you want to write about, but you’re not sure what headline to use.
  • You would like to receive writing support while also gaining a better understanding of the SEO process.
  • You have a landing pages that you want to make sure attracts customers.

Recommended for companies that are new to SEO and want to get started.

We can handle drafting from scratch, including target keyword selection based on search market research and headline design.

Growth Plan

Select keywords + produce 5 articles

From 1,500,000 yen

Recommended for those who:

  • Have multiple keywords under consideration, but are unsure which to start with
  • You feel the need for SEO, but do not know how to select the right market
  • Want to outsource consulting based on business issues

By carefully selecting your target audience, you can attract potential customers and generate new opportunities, even in fields with low search volume.

We recommend this service to those who are looking for comprehensive support from the formulation of targeting strategies and planning direction, all the way to article writing.

Steps to get started

  • download


    Company Brochure

    Please download our company brochure here to learn more about Submarine and how we can help you consider applying for our services. We hope you will find it useful in gathering information before contacting us.
  • contact



    If you would like to discuss details, or if you would like to know more about our services, or if you would like to know more about the cost, please contact Submarine using this form. We will respond to your as soon as possible.
  • meeting


    Discovery Call

    We will hold an online meeting to hear and discuss your needs. While discussing your business needs, we will provide a plan, proposal, and estimate that we can present to you.
  • proporsal



    We will prepare and send you a quote after our discovery call. Upon request, we are also available for meetings to explain the contents of the proposal.
  • agreement


    Finalize Contract

    If you wish to move forward, we will complete the non-disclosure agreement, and contract. Once the contracts are signed, we will hold a kick-off meeting for production.
  • start


    Project Kick-Off

    After the kick-off meeting, we will create a roadmap for implementing the support, adjust the schedule, and begin production. The timeline and milestones will vary depending on the service provided, but we will provide regular updates on the project’s progress. You can rest assured that you will receive the support you need, even if this is your first time working with us.

Case Study


Our business

Services Provided: B2B Lead Generation Support, SEO Copy Writing Support

Through our podcast production business, “PROPO.FM”, we aimed to generate leads by optimizing the search keyword “podcast production company”. We successfully achieved the number one spot in the search results, which led to a tenfold increase in brochure downloads and business discussions.


Our business

Services Provided: SEO Copy Writing Support

We conducted SEO strategies for the search keyword “Relearning Japanese History”, improving the search ranking of the special page for the podcast “Rajireki” to the 2nd position. The weekly increase in the number of registered members for our website also grew seven-fold compared to before the implementation of the strategies.


QWhy does Submarine offer SEO copy writing services?

Submarine has always focused on efforts to generate customers through search engines in our own business. Submarine offers this service because we want to support our clients’ efforts based on our own experience.

QBesides search rankings, are there any other indicators of success for the content produced by SEO copy writing services?

Submarine conducts analytics to quantitatively measure the quality of the content. Our goal is to improve the quality of the content we create and analyze to a certain level.

QHow long does it take to draft one article?

QDoes the content preparation include the creation of photographs and illustrations?

This SEO copy writing service specializes in text based articles. If you need assistance with photos or illustrations, we will explore those client needs.

QHow long does it take to see results in search rankings after a page is published?

It depends on the historical search ranking before our involvement and the competition with other web sites. If your site was ranked 11-20 before, you may see a change in ranking within a few days of publication. For new pages, SEO writing is performed as an effort to achieve a search ranking in the top 50 within 2 weeks and a ranking of 1-10 within 3-8 weeks after publication, with repeat brushing up the articles.

QWhen will the pages be brushed up after the articles are published?

We will rewrite the article 2-3 times approximately every two weeks, depending on how it ranks. If the site does not rank at all within 10 days of publication, we will review the page structure as soon as possible.

QIs it possible to request only consulting support without requesting for a copy writing service?

We offer consulting service that focus only on the support you need. Please feel free to contact us to discuss more.

QCan we request a copy writing starting with just a single page?

You may request a job just to focus on creating one-page. Once you understand Submarine’s production process through building that one page, you may consider our support to create subsequent pages

QAre there any required tools we need to subscribe to to move forward with Submarine’s copy writing service?

Although Submarine uses certain tools for SEO writing, Submarine does not charge clients for any tools other than for this SEO copy writing service.

QCan I work with you while taking into consideration when I am bringing the SEO writing process in-house?

We at Submarine believes that some parts of the SEO writing process should be done in-house by your organization. We pretty confident that our copy writing service can help you bring the SEO copy writing process in-house.