Japan BtoB Lead Generation - Agency Service

If you're looking for a lead generation service in Japan that can help you take your business to the next level, look no further than Submarine's BtoB Lead Generation Service. We can provide you with the leads you need to grow your business.

Who is this for?

Our BtoB Lead Generation Support is perfect for :

Growth company looking to expand their business in Japan.

Companies that are struggling to find qualified leads in the Japanese market.

Companies that need local marketing resources for lead generation campaign support.

Your business has entered the Japanese market but has not seen results from your lead generation efforts.

Why do you need this?

Looking for a reliable lead generation service can be challenging, especially in the competitive and unique Japanese market that is very different from western countries. At Submarine, we offer a comprehensive BtoB inbound marketing service that has helped businesses gain leads.

Our approach



We take a data-driven and consultative approach to lead generation, understanding your business needs and goals.



Our team will work with you to create marketing campaign strategies that attract the right leads for your business in Japan.



We’ll track the leads and continuously work with your team to improve the lead quality.



We’ll provide a monthly report and meet to review our analysis that tracks the objectives and goals.