SEO Agency Services for Japan Market

Are you looking for a new SEO agency?

We are an international SEO company that specializes in the Japanese market. Our team of experts will help your business rank higher on search engines and generate more revenue. You can count on us to deliver high-quality results, even if you’re not located in Japan.

SEO Company in Japan is a very competitive market. Many companies are willing to take your money, but don’t have the necessary experience that it takes to rank well in this market.

We know how difficult it can be to find an experienced and trustworthy company for your Japanese SEO needs. Our team has been working with Japanese language search engines since 2012 and we’ve helped hundreds of clients successfully enter the Japanese marketplace. Let us help you succeed online today!

Our services include keyword research, content creation, and ongoing optimization to help client get found with target keywords. You won’t need to worry about anything because we’re here for you every step of the way until your website improves in ranking!

If you want to grow your business online with a proven strategy, contact us today!

Our approach

Keyword Research

We have the most thorough and vetted process for doing research in Japan. We use advanced tools to find large swathes of keywords, we categorize them by searcher intent, then carefully analyze Search Results Pages (SERPs) which give you valuable insight into potential opportunities that your business might be missing out on just because they’re not being marketed there.

SEO Audit

We will analyze the structure of your website, and identify major bottlenecks to getting noticed. We’ll then make recommendations for how you can address these issues so that people are more likely to find what they’re looking for on your site.

Content Marketing

Our team of experts will work with you to creatively plan and execute your data driven content strategy. This includes targeting specific audiences at different stages in the buying process, which attracts visitors to their site by providing high quality, relevant information that they are looking for!

Reporting and Analysis

We aim to be your partner and solution for all of your online marketing needs. We monitor the progress of keywords on a monthly basis, while keeping our eyes on for new opportunities that could promote your brand.

We want to help make sure that when people search they find what’s best about you: we’ll track important keyword changes every month so there are no surprises; if anything pops up with potential then we’re looking at it right away.

Use Cases

Launched profitable podcast agency with pure inbound marketing campaign with SEO.

Marketing needs

  • Need organic traffic to grow a bootstrapped startup.
  • Rank first in Google search results page for target keywords.
  • Generate qualified leads.

Submarine’s approach

  • For Japan market, performed SEO keyword research and identified 3 target keyword phrases relevant to the business.
  • Generated over 10 blog articles per month. Focusing on content that resonates with the target audience and possible podcast creators.


  • Outranked one of the largest radio production enterprise in Japan on “podcast production agency” related search terms.
  • Through organic inbound marketing channels, we generated 3 qualified leads per month, and became profitable in the first year of launch.

Launched a podcast show “Bara-Talk”, produced 66 episodes, and increased site traffic!

Client: Datascientist Inc.

About Our Client: A marketing technology and consulting company that develops the SEO keyword tool “KWTOOL” and analyzes the content strength and future trends of each company’s website.

Client business needs

  • Explore new means of communication using podcast.
  • The ease of creating thought leadership content and continue to communicate with audience.
  • Transcribe the audio to text and reach new prospects through search engines.

Submarine’s PROPO.FM solution

  • Produced 66 podcast episodes in 1.5 years
  • Recorded, edited, and publish podcast episodes. Program site and episode details are hosted by PROPO.FM.
  • Created 40 pieces of textual content. Transcribed each podcast episode and published the content on PROP.FM.


  • In less than a year, the program page received more than 70,000 impressions on Google Search.
  • Average CTR increased over 3.0%.
  • Even after the program ended, traffic to the podcast program page continued to increase. The podcast episode pages in particular contributed to drive more traffic over time through long tail keywords.